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[HIA] Legal Affairs: Case Filing
Convo between lala and me
Court Case Filing Template:

Case No: 0007

Date: (unsure)
Time: (unsure)

Presiding Judge:

Plaintiff: ayyylex

Defendant: Enneahedra

Complaint for:
Violation to HIA's Code of Conduct Section 1.A - Basic Rules,
Violation to HIA's Code of Conduct Section 1.B - Commands

The Plaintiff makes the following allegations against the defendant


*Information regarding the plaintiff. e.g.:
Name of plaintiff: ayyylex
Rank in HIA: Telecommunications Specialist

Name of defendant: Enneahedra
Rank in HIA: Elite Committee Director

Factual Allegations:

Enneahedra continues to bully and publicly demean both myself and Missmasquerade. He filed a warning against the both of us last week however Lequackers removed it as she saw us doing nothing wrong. The truth is that he was the only one doing something wrong and calling Missmasquerade "sad" because she stood in front of a person she wanted to potentially promote. When he saw he was in the wrong he began to belittle us publicly and we went to the help desk to report him where he issued warning for us to leave, when we were reporting him and not even talking to him. He has continued to lie, and i have plenty ss to back this all up. I have evidence of him breaking the code of conduct on numerous times, I have witnesses and am fed up with his bullying. He has issued the warnings again and even a strike against miss masquerade because she refused to be bullied by him again when he was publicly "stating lies and making us look bad", you can check the warning logs and the screenshot he provided, also he conveniently left out all the talk that had gone before he took those SS's. The thing is he is a manipulative member of HIA, with no regards to the code of conduct, does not respect anyone and will bully others. I want him dealt with immediately, he has ruined the experience myself and others have in HIA, and sadly makes the game depressing.


There are other more screenshots if these screenshots doesn't hold solid.

Wherefore, plaintiff prays for judgement against defendants as follows:

I want enneahedra removed due to bullying as it states on the HIA website bullying is not tolerated.

Respectfully submitted to the Court,
Case No: 0008

Date: 29/1/2017
Time: 12:00 (GMT)

Presiding Judge:

Plaintiff: Ayyylex

Defendant: Enneahedra

Complaint for:
1. Bullying and harassment
2. Breaking the Code of Conduct
3. Threatening with disciplinaries

The Plaintiff makes the following allegations against the defendant


*Information regarding the plaintiff. e.g.:
Name of plaintiff: Ayyylex
Rank in HIA: Dept. Complaints Manager

Name of defendant: Enneahedra
Rank in HIA: Elite Committee Director

Factual Allegations:

*Post here the facts regarding the complain
(exhibit A, post here the evidence)
2) Rickyfond shouted at all the users
(exhibit B)
3) He was seen commanding senior high ranked officials
(exhibit C)

Plaintiffs Report: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B4UD0Pw8O_H7VEFXYWRnaHlXUDg

Defendants Report: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B4UD0Pw8O_H7SjY5VVRCX081VkE
Case: 0009
Small Claims
IngiGood vs Amxthyst

Presiding Judge


IngiGood reported Amxthyst for bullying her on the communication’s platform slack. However, upon reviewing of evidence, Amxthyst was found innocent. Furthermore, IngiGood made false claims of having evidence at that current time - which in truth, it had already been deleted and could not be recovered.

IngiGood’s behaviour during the court was also not very commendable and thus affected the final verdict. In addition to the point mentioned prior, she also had a long history of disciplinary cases and has been fired a few times due to different violations of the COC.

Amxthyst’s Evidence:


IngiGood is not allowed to return under any circumstances - until future notice
Amxthyst is still able to receive a warning if any solid evidence against her is submitted within two weeks of the case concluded (14/4/2017).

Date: 18/4/2017
Time: 7:18pm GMT+ 8

Submitted by:

Case No: 0010
Foday. vs vefo-Safety

Presiding Judge:


vefo-Safety allegedly scammed Foday., claiming that he would buy HC for Foday only to run off with the money. vefo-Safety, no longer works in HIA, however, in the event that he does return, he will be given a warning, with regards to this case.


30% compensation

Date: 16th April, 2017

Time: 3:30am GMT+1

Submitted by:


Evidence of Scam:

Evidence of Compensation:
http://prntscr.com/ewz2em ( between keteract and Foday.)

Case No.: 0011
4/17/2017 14:22:11
_Diebric_ Elite Events Director, Board Of Elite
billy50505, RenatoElBosNEW, Channdie

Briefly, I accidentally said something I shouldn't have, and after seeing people's reactions, I wanted to explain the difference between what I said and what everyone thought I meant. However, I was not given the chance to as my Slack was deactivated immediately. I apologize for what I said and how I went about starting my explanation, but I do not feel it warranted an official warning on top of a 3 day Slack suspension. It was taken out of context and there was no malicious intent behind what I was saying.

The individuals have not violated any rules.

I wish for my most recent Warning 1 to be overturned and purged as it is described in Section 3 of the HIA Code of Conduct that LA has the power to do so. "3.C §3 - Overturn disciplinary actions (ie strikes, demotion, warnings etc.)" "I am unable to put forth any evidence of the case personally, as my slack has been suspended for 3 days and the screenshot(s) are withheld from my warning log. However, EXOBAEkhyun101 has said she can provide some screenshots.

I can tell you what happened though. A few members in #general were discussing the new 5iC ranks, calculating rank sales between different divisions and 5iC, and giving different opinions. Some electives were insistent on having us leave it and to just attend the Gen meeting for the rest of the details. GingerStalker was one of these electives. I believe he tagged me and said ""more details to come (:"" and I replied, ""Nigga, I'm figuring it out already."" As you can imagine, that set some people off. However, I would like to point out that I used that word with no bad intent. My friends and I use it with each other and I personally don't see it as offensive. I was also not using it offensively or to inflict emotional damage to GingerStalker. Granted, I could have omitted the word from my statement, but it felt like I was in a group chat with my friends and it slipped out.

Now, when I said, ""Oh right. I forgot that nigga/nigger/negro were all the same"" I was (1) being sarcastic (2) not directing the derogatory terms to anyone, specifically or in general (3) getting ready to point out that the first term does not mean the same as the other two. I agree that what I said there should not have been said, and it only added fuel to the fire. I understand why my Slack was suspended and I agree to carry the suspension out.

However, I was not purposefully being disrespectful to or discriminating against any member or groups of members, and I was not using consecutive capital letters, bullying, or swearing.

Furthermore, ""inappropriate language"" is a term in which I believe applies to sexual behavior / language. I do not believe that what I said falls under this category either.

I was informed that I was having my Slack account suspended for 3 days, and then that was that. I was not informed of receiving a logged warning. I only saw it when I was checking the discipline logs for another member.

I formally apologize to every member that was offended or felt attacked by my words, but I assure you that I sincerely had no ill will behind what I was saying."

Evidence: http://imgur.com/a/avoUO ~ Warning

Appeal: For slack to be reactivated after the 3 day deactivation was decided and removal of warning.

Verdict: Slack was reactivated earlier than it was supposed to with approval by Channdie, Chief of Directorates. Warning was not removed but if behaviour is to change, it will removed faster.

Submitted by: keteract and EXOBAEkhyun101

Date: 14/4/2017
Time: 8:06pm GMT+ 8
These are the SS’s I will be using as my evidence: prntscr.com/fhorw4 - prntscr.com/fhop7c - prntscr.com/fhoq71 – prntscr.com/fhoqpw

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