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HET Poetry Competition Winners
Construct With Love, Sealed With Integrity.
If you are devoted to HIA, please notice this.
You Told Me Once About Code Of Conduct, Loyalty, Respect And Righteousness.
So tell me now and tell me again, So I can prove my loyalty to you. All the workers I ever met, They are Ideal and devoted.
May HIA hopes and dream come true, no matter where and what HIA will become, I will always be right there.
Happy. Inspiring. Acceptable. Those are three words I would use to describe HIA. Its a safe, loving place for anyone, and everyone. Working at HIA is an honor. They make you work harder that you would at any job on here. It's the first place you would want to work at. I don't have many friends, but I know if I try hard enough I will make some. But when Im here I know I will make some friends. When I became an High Rank person, it was the happiest moment in my life. I would not be on this game or at HIA if it was not for Lucyclergam. She's my friend in real life and on here. That is why I grew to like HIA and without it my life would be boring. I will never forget the three letters HIA. This place feels like home to me.
What do I love most about HIA you may ask? Well what you're asking of me is a rather hard You see, this is made so very difficult By the fact that, HIA is full of things that I love. HIA has been around, Since that special day in 2014. We have been adorned with Ali, Jborn our founders With the honour of having Channdie and the Directorates too. But not to forget, Our Special Units; HET, TU, LA, IT ExR, PAW and let's not forget TS. Each to their own, An important part Making HIA brilliant For all who are apart. HET providing fun for all! With their special events and their games to succeed in! TU transferring joining members, Either those returning, or those upgrading! LA providing Honour, Integrity and Authority, Defending, and strengthing our proud agency! IT gives us all a voice and opportunity. Caring for us all, whilst boosting our reputation! ExR providing proactiveness, flexibility and efficiency. Acting as ambassadors to our agency and forming alliances with others! PAW is there to help anyone in need, conducting frequent surveys and finding different ways to improve HIA! With last but not least, TS Who work hard daily, Ensuring training for all is successful! Recruits join us, Day in, day out Beginning to work their way up through the ranks. Motivated and hard working, They FTF, recruiting more! Each rank with their own duty Never anyone wasted All working together as a team Ensuring the success and brilliance of HIA Not to forget, the excellent care and support for our members; Providing: Employment, privacy, liberty, fair trial, justful treatment, equality and free speech To name just a few With HIAs extensive CoC we are a force to be reckoned with! But what is it I love MOST of all? Could it be the cafe? Where frequent games are held And we meet new people and discuss our interests Could it be promoting our members? After seeing all the hard work and effort they are putting in Could it be, for me, my time at PAW? After conducting numerous surveys, hoping to have provided help for future improvement Could it be the support of others? Who are always available to help or guide us through anything we need I think, although a hard decision, That what I love most about HIA; Is that all if us here, Are just a big family. HIA is ours. And I love HIA.
Go ahead and Fill The Front Do not make a silly stunt Recruiting members all day long Keep HIA going strong.

Working hard to achieve Security.Flick that switch with maturity Oh no, Yellow, green or red? Use the security checker to think ahead.

Next division of course is Trainer Holding recruits together like a retainer Whilst the right to express opinions freely Don’t contend the Habbo way ideally.

The uniform can now go Not long left of this show Request the high rank badge as well ATTENTION ATTENTION you can yell.

Special units are one of a kind Check them out, see what you can find Minimum rank from Security to Internal Affairs Start from the bottom and climb those stairs.

Congratulations on MOD of HQ There’s 1 more thing that you can do Express yourself in that MOD Stand Be sure to speak green whilst in command.

Board of Elite It’s almost complete The finial division What’s your next decision? HIA appreciate your loyalty Keeping strong like royalty Don’t be silly, don’t transfer 2 division demotion for you sir.

The Founding Father of course is Ali He’s nice and fresh just like a lolly What else more can I say? Other than enjoy your day.
By fate, we must all meet reality- That does not mean we must suffer for eternity.
How you may ask? Well, I'll let you know-
Through this wonderful place called Habbo. Dive into this Cyberspace with me, as I take you on a wonderful journey To somewhere where people just like you and me- Escape the real world momentarily.
HIA- Habbo Intelligence Agency, A place for all- diverse and free, Take my hand again and you will see, All those who you will connect with and you'll smile with glee.
This is my home- and now yours too, Welcome to the family, get comfy soon!
Oh and before I forget- You can call me Ket!
​Pleasure to be acquainted with you!
Chief of Staff Rep ♡

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