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New Specific Timezone Rule
So, as a HR, it can be a stressful job to look at what times our staff got promoted at. Someone's writing "GMT" after the time, someone writes "UTC", someone writes "UTC+8" or something like that, and someone doesn't write anything.

This makes our job quite hard as we have to find a timezone converters all the time to find out at what time they got promoted.

If we for example takes a look on MaverickOreo's promotion logs, we'll see that he/she's writing "UTC+8" after the time. That results in us having to find a right timezone converter that can convert the time to our own timezone, which takes A LOT of our time.

[Image: apT6Am6.png]

If we takes a look on bella1518's promotion logs, we'll see that she doesn't even write anything after her time, so we're unsure of what time she's meaning, 'cause if she's living in another country, it can be her timezone that has been writen, which can result us in making a failure since we can risk promoting someone who's just been promoted.

[Image: EW8OGQi.png]

- Can we get a specific timezone, for example GMT/UTC, so EVERYBODY is using that timezone to log in? That would be MUCH easier. 'Cause if we began to use that, people can use the timezone converter on HIA's homepage and then easily find out when they got promoted and when we can promote again.
Everyone is supposed to be using GMT. <3
[Image: tumblr_inline_ohoewv9xa41sbvr8x_500.gif]
(12-13-2017, 07:05 PM)Moltley Wrote:  Everyone is supposed to be using GMT. <3

Yet a lot of people is writing different timezones.
The forums time zone is automatically GMT time zone.  So, I wouldn't even write a time on when promoting folks.  Folks are able to see the time a post was made by looking at the time on the post here:

[Image: hooewy]

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