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Respect The HIA Members
We all love to serve in HIA, We follow the rules, Specially respect the members.
We are sad to say this feedback to HIA members specially HR+s that i and the rest of the former members (mostly standard ranks) dont feel respected or treated right sometimes, this breaks our motivation, creates anxiety, one of the most common problem that the former members complain about. Still, i encouraged them
to continue working in HIA but i failed, because some of them are offended, they feel that the most HR+s
abused their position.

I will give one example of issue, this is based on my matter. 17th December 2017 1400hrs (0600hrs Uk time)
Paytime, I arrived to HIA on around 0440hrs and start working, I alternatively working FTF - FTS - FTB again
and again until the time of paytime, i am the next one in line will receive pay but suddenly the Payer told that
i am paybanned, that time i was confused because last time pay on 17th December 2017 (0000hrs Uk time)
i received my pay and STAYED almost 1hr at the base FTB before i leave, Second i don't visit any other agencies.
I wait for the payer to finish his job so i can ASK him WHY? he didnt REPLY, then i ask 2nd time, then the 3rd
He lefted and walk away without telling me any reason in my question. Reader, what do you think? i know
its offensive to others but i forgive who ever he/she is. This will keep destroy HIA in the future if ignored this

Anyway i don't need the pay, all i need is to be equal. For the sake of my retired buddies in HIA years ago, i
will keep working here sincerely, i like to be loyal to this agency, If anyone get offended about me after
reading this, i apologise for my actions, Thank you for reading!!! More Power To HIA!!!

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