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Weekly Bulletin [ May 7th - May 13th, 2018 ]
HIA Weekly Bulletin

The following Weekly Bulletin has been provided as a means of serving as a record of the HIA pertaining endeavours for the past week.

For any questions, issues or concerns please inform one of the Chief of Staff members. Currently they are: maretaem, hailynxx, WendyDarling808, Flamadon, Oarn, and -redshadow-

Special Unit Updates

Community Support Team

Mentor Unit

What is HIA's Mentor Unit?
Hia's mentor unit is a team of mentors, guiding Agents+  on the right path to succeed in HIA

How does applying work?
You will be taken on a journey with one of our mentors and you will be able to use them to your advantage: for guidance and support.

Who is the director of this unit?
The director currently of this unit is @WendyDarling808

What happens after I apply?
After you apply someone will read your application shortly, and message you privately either on slack or on Habbo.

Sign me up! Where's the link?

Youtube Announcement

Though We Have Finished The Coin Giveaway — we Are Still Collecting New Creative Ideas For Youtube Team!

Link To Form:

First episode of our new talk show. Let's talk about HIA, is now uploaded to HIA's youtube channel! Go check the video out and leave our team feedback. Also, wink wink, there is a competition in the video. Also remember to subscribe for future episodes of this amazing show and much more.


- Piksuchi, YouTube Manager

CST Announcements

CST Internal Service Applications are still OPEN! We are looking for applicants passing these requirements:

• Your Rank must be at least HR Support I
• You must have worked in HIA for at least ONE WEEK.
• You must NOT have any active strikes during applications.
• You must not be in a long LOA.
• You must NOT be part of any Full Special Unit (Legal Affairs) - If you really want to join, please ask an approval from the SU Overseer @Marco

Applicants are allowed to apply to the following Unit in Internal Service.

• Mentor Unit
• Information Unit
• Development Unit

We will be evaluating each applicant and review the applications submitted to us.
If you’d like to know additional information about each Unit in Internal Service, you may visit HIA’s Website: habbohia.com/community-support-team

If you have any queries, do not be fret to ask the CST Division Managers. Applications will be closed at 18th of May, 2018, 11:59 pm UK

App link:

Thank you all & good Luck!

External Relations

The EXR Team are currently working hard to finish up the visitor's guide to USDF!

Legal Affairs

Applications for Legal Affairs have been opened.  We will be closing them once we feel a suitable amount of applicants has applied.

The departments in Legal Affairs in which we are accepting applications is:

☆ Legal Affairs - Marshal
☆ Legal Affairs - Attorneys

The requirements in order to apply for Legal Affairs is:
★ HR+ Rank or above
★ Minimum of 31 consecutive days in HIA (Excluding LOA)
★ You have received a recommendation from a member of LA
★ Not currently on LOA and will not be in the following month

Note: If you're a member of a full special unit already, you would have to seek approval in order to get accepted into another full SU._

★ Legal Affairs Duty Descriptions:

★ Legal Affairs Membership Process:

★ Legal Affairs Application link:

Legal Affairs Heads

HIA Events Team

Daily events are being held and hosted in the HIA Cafe! Make sure to look out for those announcements to participate and have fun.

Awarding Committee

As another week passes, it is now time to announce our Worker of the Week for this week! All of the nominees were absolutely extraordinary but the winner vote by the public is…

❁ JackiechanTheGreat ❁

Congratulations and a very well done to you! Let us congratulate them and respect them if you see them around base!

Awarding Committee applications are finally open! Apply now before it's too late!

✧ Diplomatic Rank or above
✧ 1+ month in HIA
✧ No active disciplinary
✧ You must be active
✧ You must not be biased or unfair

Note: You will not be able to win Awards if you are a member.

Application Link:

Applications will close on 18th May 2018, 11:59PM UK Time.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact @cepkah or @pinkguavajuice

Transfer Unit

No recent updates from the Transfer Unit.

Departments / Teams

Training Supervisors

It’s time for TS applications again! If you want to help to monitor and improve the quality of training sessions, then this announcement is for you!

The requirements are:
  • Must be PS or higher division
  • Must have worked in HIA 1 month or more.

Apply below to be a Training Supervisor!

The Magazine Team

✔ Make sure to read the latest issue of the magazine here:

✔ Also, send in a Secret Confession to be featured here:

Pay Team

Are you interested in being a Payer? Well here's your chance, for those wondering we have applications still open for those who are willing!
We are looking for active people that have what it takes to show great dedication and passion to paying its HIA members on a day to day basis.

For this round of applications we will ONLY be accepting 2 people into the Pay Team, as spots are limited.

Requirements needed to be met (NO exceptions will be made):
• Must be BOE or above.
• Been in HIA for 2 months+.
• Must be trusted in HIA.
• Be active in base and on slack.
• Must understand how the pay system works.

For those that have applied previously, do NOT submit a double entry.
Applications will officially close on Friday, May 18th @11:59pm UK.

CLICK the link to apply

Regarding applications please do not hesitate to contact @adriian9 or @JeremiaahReece for any problems, goodluck!

Football Team

The Football and Cheer teams are now accepting new members!
Apply now to be a part of one of these amazing teams!

The requirements are:
• Must be HR+
• Must be active
• Must work well with others
• Have no active disciplinaries

See how to apply for each team below

DM @Moha.1 for a try-out

Cheer and Mascot:

Apply to be a part of the Redhawks!

Social Media

Follow our social media pages to stay updated on all things HIA!

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/habbohia
Twitter: @hia_habbo
Instagram: @habbohia_

General HIA Updates

Veteran Program Changing

Effective immediately: the VETERAN Program is changing. An additional requirement is being added. This requirement is to not have any active disciplines (warnings, strikes etc).    

Veteran requirements are the following:
• 8 months of consecutive service in the HIA.
• Must not have any fired logs under the username.
• Must not be internally involved with other Agencies or Armies.
• Must hold a SM+ rank.
• Must have no active disciplinary (warnings, strikes, etc).

The Directorates and Channdie discussed this change and are doing it because if someone is getting granted such high privileges, they should have a clean record to go along with it.  

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out.

Agent Promotion Limit

Effective immediately, the Standard (Agent) Division promotion time has been changed to 15 minutes. Please note that Agents still need at least 30 minutes of online time as well to be promoted.

• The Portal Promotion time for the Standard Division has been updated.

If you have any questions, please reach out to a Chief of Staff member or an elective.

CoS Updates

Have any questions, comments, or concerns? Don't be afraid to reach out to a CoS Member! Currently they are: Maretaem, hailynxx, WendyDarling808, Flamadon, Oarn, and -redshadow-
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